My passion for fashion… And to inspire others.

Thank you so much for stopping by at  Here is a little bit about me and about myfashionholic.

I’m Rivka Amir, and I started this blog as an inspiration for fashion , and especially for modest fashion. 
As a religious girl, it was always more challenging for me to dress with everything I saw and wanted to wear. Especially with all the trends that comes up. But the way that I look at it, is too see it as a challenge, and the opportunity to stand out and be unique in my own way. 
I started this blog to show my love for fashion, and to inspire other girls, that there is no limit to creativity. And no matter where you come from, or what religion you are part of, you can always follow your dreams and passion. 
As a shopping lover and fashion obsessed, I think you will understand how I got the name for my blog 😉 . 
This blog is more then just fashion. Hopping to inspire you with adventures and traveling …… which of course will be fashionable as well.

Lots of love

Based in Israel, My FashionHolic highlights my everyday style, investment pieces worth the splurge, and the beauty in Modesty.

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